Giveaway Pool Friday: Le Creuset Forged Hard-Anodized Cookware Review & Giveaway!

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Today’s Hot Giveaway Is:

Le Creuset Cookware

About the Le Creuset:

The Le Creuset company was started in 1925 after two industrialists met at the 1924 Brussels Fair in Belgium. Octave Aubecq was an enameling specialist and Armand Desaegher a casting specialist when they conceived of an idea to enamel cookware items in a foundry. They started their company, Le Creuset, and set up their foundry in the arable landscape and rolling hills of Northern France, approximately 120 miles away from Paris. This was a strategic move by the owners as it positioned their business right at the crossroads of the transportation routes that existed at the time for raw materials such as coke, sand, and iron. At the same time that year, the first French oven called the Cocotte was produced, the shape and name of which became pivotal to what has become an extensive range of French produced cookware.

The company began to develop and expand their product ranges between 1935 – 1945 to include cookers, hot plates for electric cookers, charcoal stoves, and certain kitchen utensils. They also started to develop their commercial strategy by launching their first press and radio publicity campaign that promoted the quality of their enameled cookware range. Unfortunately, troubled times came to the region at the onset of the Second World War and the German Wehrmacht took possession of the foundry to make grenades during the war.

After the war, from 1945 – 1955, the company experienced a new start. They continued their strategy of concentrating on a range of enameled cast iron cookware and added exciting new styles and originality of colors that made Le Creuset a major innovator of those times.

In 1952 international export began in earnest with 50% of exported goods earmarked for Europe and 50% for the United States. In 1947 the company took a further leap in the United States by setting up a subsidiary in the Low Country of South Carolina, called Le Creuset of America, Inc.

Over the years Le Creuset has released numerous innovative product colors and designs onto the market. Today Le Creuset cookware and kitchen utensils are sold around the world in more than 60 countries including the UK, USA, Australia, and Japan.

Putting Le Creuset Through the Mom Trails

It seems that any cookware line is simply not complete unless it includes at least one quality non-stick frying pan. I was recently fortunate enough to try out the company’s new ‘Forged Hard-anodized Cookware’ line. All I can say is that I found its 12” fry pan to be beyond good! In fact, its performance is nothing less than incredible! Cooking sticky foods in this pan that normally gets gunk to stick all over other pans, is a dream! It cooks food evenly and browns perfectly which makes it the ideal pan for several applications including deep frying, sautéing, pan frying, and one pan meals.

Cooking the perfect omelette becomes effortless when using Le Creuset’s Deep Fry Pan. The egg does not stick to the sides and bottom of the pan at all which also makes cleaning up much easier.

Sauteing and deep frying is a breeze as the deep sides and slightly narrow cooking surface helps to keep oil and fat from escaping. The large cooking surface and deep side walls makes it ideal for convenient one-pan meals that have become so popular lately as it reduces the number of pots and pans to clean up after a meal.

The Le Creuset Deep Fry Pan comes with a glass lid that fits perfectly to ensure even cooking, eliminate splattering, and to keep food warm while waiting to be served.

Le Creuset’s line of Forged Hard-anodized Cookware is made of top quality materials and sturdy enough to last a lifetime. A major benefit is that you can use your metal utensils with this fry pan without worrying about scratching or damaging the surface. You can also safely use this pan in the oven up to 500 °F and the glass lid is oven-safe up to 350 °F.

Regular non-stick fry pans are no match for the high performance of this amazing deep fry pan from Le Creuset. I can quite honestly say that I have never been as impressed by a pan as I am by the quality and versatility of this beautifully crafted deep fry pan. If I had to choose just one pan to cook all my meals, it would certainly be this one – and the price tag of around $170 for this Deep Fry Pan and Glass Lid set is definitely worth it!

Giveaway Time

One of our lucky readers stands a chance of winning her very own Le Creuset 12” Deep Fry Pan with Glass Lid from Le Creuset at an average price of $170. All you have to do to qualify for a chance to win this Giveaway set is visit a Le Creuset dealership near you and pick out your favorite piece of Le Crueset you would love to own.

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