Giveaway Pool 05-01-2009

Giveaway Pool 05-01-2009

We’re drifting on the Giveaway Pool this Friday! Giveaway Pool Fridays will highlight a fantastic review and also show you how you can share some linky love your own style by promoting your own giveaways on Blessings Abound!

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Today’s awesome giveaway is:

Lime Ricki

Meet the Brand:

The last time the sisters of Lime Ricki met, they sat around at a family get-together asking what-ifs. Eight months later, they found themselves pushing one another to the finish line during the Utah Marathon.

It all began after Colette had a rather frustrating experience at the mall, looking for a teen swimsuit for her daughter.

How was Colette meant to go about that scenario? She escalated her concern to her sisters.

Her younger sister Nicole had the same experience when searching for a swimsuit not only for her daughter who was just about to be a teenager but for herself as well. And while Jennifer’s daughter was still wearing diapers, she was aware that the fashion issue was not about to get any better. Unless…

Contemporary Swimsuits. Mega Style.
What if they chose to design their suits personally? Tankinis that looked great and did not cost as much — designs that their daughters and friends would actually wear?

Lime Ricki Swimwear covers your body comfortably. The only thing it exposes is your style. This means not having to adjust, pull, tug, or otherwise, be concerned about anything hanging out. The Lime Ricki sisters designed these swimsuits just for YOU! They are high-quality swimwear designed for swimming, playing, and lounging but most importantly, looking good.

Through the Mommy Tests: With summer fast approaching, it’s only right that we draw our focus to the forthcoming swimsuit season.

As mothers, we can rightly state that our bodies are not as they used to be before we had our lovely kids. In fact, not a lot of us are okay with wearing a bikini in our postpartum figures and we’re surely not excited about wearing a swimsuit that is not unfashionable and flattering.

Cue Lime Ricki’s modest swimsuits.

You don’t have to look dreary to consider yourself well covered. Lime Ricki’s swimsuits are available in a diverse range of fun, flirty prints that cover your body from unwanted skin showing out.

They also have a Key Lime swimsuit line where they use complex swimsuit designs that have the extra advantages of trimming and slimming your figure while covering the upper part f your body. They offer a cute Gabby Tankini Top which helps the Susan G. Komen Foundation in its fight against breast cancer!

I got the Amelia Turquoise Bottoms and Tankini Top and I just love it!

I adore how extra long the tankini is because it doesn’t slide up to expose my midriff while swimming or any other rigorous physical activity. The suit is really flattering because the polka dot print takes the main away from your middle area.

I love that I don’t have to be concerned about the tankini creeping up and showing my untoned tummy. It allows me to enjoy the freedom of a 2-piece. It has a vintage-themed style with ruffles, polka dots, and ruching that add a lovely feminine touch and are quite adorable.

They are a lot better as compared to having on any of those plain dull, slimming swimwear. It’s a lovely suit thanks to its additional straps that go around the back which is such a sweet touch and also ensures that I am sufficiently covered.

The bottoms come with a two-inch band on the top to provide a comfy fit and more coverage. Another amazing thing about this swimsuit collection is that you can mix and match tops with bottoms in order to come up with a variety of swimsuit styles to go with your personality!

Time for the Giveaway! A fortunate Blessings Abound reader will take home a Lime Ricki swimsuit of their choice! All you need to do to be eligible to win is to go through your hip line swimsuits and drop a comment on which swimsuit is your favorite!

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Have a great weekend!

This Giveaway is sponsored by my thoughtful friend who is working as a concrete contractor in Corpus Christi, Texas.