Hoover FloorMate Review and Giveaway!

About the FloorMate:

Taken from the website- The Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub WidePath features patented SpinScrub brushes, interchangeable Grout brushes, Widepath 15″ nozzle, folding handle and EZ Select Dial to vacuum, wash or dry your hard floor surfaces in your home. Also includes removable brush assembly and nozzle squeegee.

  • The first vac-wash-dry cleaning system specially designed to clean most hard-floor surfaces. Switching between cleaning options is a snap with the EZ Select dial
  • Exclusive SpinScrub Brushes
  • The first vac-wash-dry cleaning system specially designed to clean most hard-floor surfaces
  • Fingertip Trigger Control – lets you control where, when and how much cleaning solution you apply
  • Folding handle – for easy assembly and compact storage
  • Dual tank design separates the cleaning solution and pick-up so you never put dirty water back on your floor
  • Includes specially formulated Hoover Grout and Hoover Floor-to-Floor cleaning solutions
  • Interchangeable SpinScrub and Grout Brushes let you choose the right brush for the job
  • 15″ Widepath removable nozzle helps you finish the job quickly and clean up easily



Through the Mom Trials:

As a mom of four children ages seven and under, it can be hard to keep our hardwood floors pristine clean condition and with three stories of both hardwood and tile flooring in our home, it can be a never ending chore!   With all the mess my kids make on a daily basis from food that accidentally spills onto the floor from the dinner table to mud and debris tracked in from the outdoors, I literally could spend hours cleaning them and having to haul around a myriad of cleaning tools with me to get the job done right.  That was before I had the priveledge of testing out the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Widepath!

The first moment it arrived at my door, I couldn’t wait to test this new toy, I mean hard surface cleaner out!   I don’t think my kids had ever seen me open a shipping box quite so fast in their lives!   It came unassembled but I could tell just by looking at it that it would be cinch to put it together and within minutes, I proved myself right.   The FloorMate was then ready to go and I had never been so excited to clean my floors and trust me, even though I appreciate gleaming clean floors, it’s one of my least favorite things to do!

Operating the FloorMate is a breeze with the EZ Select Dial.  It gives you three functions to choose from: Dry Vac, Wash, or Wet Pick Up and makes it simple to switch from one function to another.   You start out by selecting the Dry Vac option and vacuum your entire floor area.  I have to say that I was pretty skeptical that this all in one hard surface cleaner could do a thorough job of picking up all the dirt on my floor but it surprised me and does a decent job of getting even the smallest particles of dust and debris off my birch hardwood and tile floors.  With it’s extra wide track, I didn’t have to make as many passes to pick up everything off the floor.  When you’re done, you turn the FloorMate off and empty out and replace the canister and fill the cleaning solution resevoir with the provided hardwood cleaning fluid.   Then you’re ready for the next task of washing your floors!

Choose the Wash option and you’ll notice that the spinbrush will now lower to the ground and will spin when you turn the machine on.  There is a trigger attached to the handle so you can control how much cleaning solution you need to get your floors clean.  It usually only takes a couple passes to get my floors shining again and the trigger is very useful when you have stuck on spots and stains that need extra attention.  Switching the spinbrushes to the grout brush and back is a snap too when you need to use it to clean your tile floors.   My tile flooring has also never looked so good and made such a difference.

One of the things I love the best about using this to wash my floors is that it also dries the floor as you wash them!  The fluid gets sucked back up at the same time you’re washing them so you’re not left with dripping, wet floors that can cause slipping accidents.  With a baby who is on the verge of walking and an accident prone toddler, this is one function that’s much needed in my home.  I won’t have to worry that my child will end up flat on their face when they’re following me around while I’m cleaning my floors!

The Dry Vac is one of my favorite options!   Once you’re done washing the floors, you can use this option to get your floors dry and it has come in so handy when we’ve had liquid spills in the house.  No longer will you have to waste several paper towels or dirty a towel or rag to get the spill cleaned up!   Just fire up the FloorMate and within seconds, not only is the liquid sucked up but you can clean it with the Wash function so you’re not left with sticky residue on your floors.

The Hoover FloorMate provides a more thorough job of cleaning than the standard broom and mop method!  With this machine, I was able to drastically cut the time it took to make my floors sparkle and without all the extra effort of using several different cleaning tools.  This simplifies and makes the tough job of cleaning hard floor surfaces much easier!  It’s lightweight to be carried up and down stairs when needed and when not in use, stores quite nicely when you’re done using it as the handle folds down so you’re able to stick it just about anywhere.

Mom Suggestions:

Although the FloorMate worked perfectly fine for most of my hardwood and tile flooring, if you have a home that has baseboard heating and tight corners, I would go with the FloorMate SpinScrub with Tools to get those hard to reach areas.

Giveaway Time:

Hoover is giving my Blessings Abound readers the chance to win a Hoover Floormate!  All you have to do in order to be qualified to enter is to visit the Hoover website and leave a comment with what other Hoover Vacuum, Floor Cleaner, or Carpet Cleaner that would best fit your floor care needs and why!

For another chance to enter for a chance to win a Hoover FloorMate, visit Life Starring Ellie and Eve’s Hoover FloorMate Giveaway and enter there!  If you enter there, let me know and it will earn you 5 additional entries in my FloorMate Giveaway!

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