Wordless Wednesday: Enjoying Our Last Summer Days At The Park

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve participated in WW.  Between helping my husband with our start up business and catching up with my kids, I haven’t had much time to share as much.  As Summer is quickly ending, we have been making several trips to different parks in our area before fall arrives with its crisp, cool air and gold leaves.  The picture below shows my kids at Lucas Park in Palmer, Alaska, enjoying one of my most favorite things I liked to do at the park as a child.

Kids Park Alaska Blessings Abound Mommy

You have NO idea how much I’ve missed this cute bunch!  I declare I’m not fit to be a working mother.  The few months I’ve had without them were miserable and now I’m making the most of their time back at home.  I am officially a full time mother again and look forward to the homeschooling year ahead!

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Wordless Wednesday: Naughty Puppy


Do you see this guilty expression on her face?  That’s because she knows the couches and chairs are off limits!063Aha, naughty, naughty pup!  That cute face will only work for so long…

Molly Bella Blessings Abound Mommy

It’s amazing how quick she’s found her way into our hearts and has become part of the family, naughtiness aside. Winking smile

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Wordless Wednesday: Cousins At Christmas

Renner Cousins Christmas 2011 Alaska Blessings Abound Mommy

One of the most important and cherished during the Christmas season is spending time with family.  My girls just adore their cousin, Faith, and couldn’t be happier celebrating Christmas with their beloved cousin.  The only thing that would make this photo more special would be adding their other female cousins (Kayla and Sophia) as well as their baby sister, Patience.  Such a sweet moment in time that I’m going to frame for my daughter, Liberty, who considers her cousin Faith to be her bff!

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Wordless Wednesday: My Libberoo

How is it that time just slips away from you?  I honestly can’t fathom how time manages to take ahold of your life and pass you by.  Here is a picture that my talented sister who dabbles in photography took of my 5 year old daughter, Liberty, when she stayed over at her home a couple days ago.  She looks so much like a kid rather than one of my babies.  It gets so hard to let them grow up!

Liberty Rose Renner Alaska Blessings Abound Mommy

I just heart my Libberoo and Libberduck!  And… oh yes, does she have many more nicknames than the ones I’ve mentioned.  As you can tell from this picture, she’s something special and always manages to light up my day!

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Wordless Wednesday: Face To Face With A Moose In Alaska

Face To Face With A Moose In Alaska

Our business partner was taking a walk not too far from where we live and happened to come upon a moose.  It was a young moose who didn’t know better to run and instead, approached him and sniffed him.  I’m sure he was quite curious as to who the stranger was in the woods!  I have yet to have this experience on my own in all my 18 years here in Alaska.  Here are a couple pictures to see just how close our business partner from Texas to this moose:

Moose Face To Face Blessings Abound Mommy

Well hello there!  What nice brown eyes you have!

moose alaska blessings abound mommy

Such a beautiful creature, isn’t he?!

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Wordless Wednesday: Introducing Patience Lillian Renner!

Here’s our newest Blessing:  Patience Lillian Renner!  Look how proud her big sister, Elizabeth, is!  We’re all completely in love with our little princess.  She was born on Monday, March 15th at 8:56 pm at Matsu Midwifery in Wasilla, Alaska.  I’ll be sharing her birth story soon!

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