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Designing a little girl’s room is a fun project. Little girl’s rooms embody all that is sweet, feminine and delicate. There are many ways you can design and decorate your girl’s room, whether she is three or 13.

Start With Color

Pastels like pink, purple and mint green are traditional favorites when it comes to decorating rooms for girls. While these colors work well for younger girls, go bold for a teen’s room. Try hot pink, zebra print, dots and patterns. Bright colors like neon green, yellow and orange are trendy and creative. A paint specialist at your local hardware store can help you find the best colors for your room decor project.

Add in Accents

It’s the little things that count when it comes to decorating a girl’s room. Lamps with whimsical shades, bookshelves and artwork will make your daughter’s room really pop. Find the best children’s rugs at and watch your new room come to life. Beanbag chairs, swings and window seats are all great accents to add to your daughter’s room.

Design With Storage

Keeping the room clean and neat means managing storage. Go for wicker storage boxes that double as decorative accents. Hide shoes with underbed storage and stash art supplies in colored boxes. Not only will these storage accents look great, they will encourage your kids to keep their rooms neat.
Decorating a girl’s room is a fun and exciting project. Find the best accents, furniture and storage pieces for your next room decor project.

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    Awesome guide. Definitely agree with the colors, especially as they become teenagers I know my girls wanted more of an identity and the colors in their rooms definitely symbolised this!

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