Sponsored Video: Little Caesars Pizza $5 Hot-N-Ready Pepperoni Pizzas & $6 Hot-N-Ready Caesar Wings

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Little Caesars Pizza $5 Hot-N-Ready Pepperoni Pizzas & $6 Caesar Hot Wings

Growing up, Little Caesars Pizza has been one of the pizza chains whose commercials always stuck out to me. They were always fun and engaging, which probably led to the reason why Little Caesars Pizza was often one of pizza places we’d use for pick up when times called for pizza! Little Caesars Pizza is inexpensive too, especially for my family of 7, almost 8’s budget. For only $5, you can get a piping hot pepperoni Little Caesars pizza that’s ready to go when you are. For an additional $6, you can also add some tasty Caesar wings to your order. They will be ready to go and taming your family’s hunger in no time!

They have great commercials too. My favorite out of the recent ones they’ve put out is a touching commercial Little Caesars Pizza has made showing some good old-fashioned father/son time called Stargazing. A father and son are gazing at the stars and Little Caesars is brought into their quality time spent together. I love seeing shows, movies, and commercials showing the impact of a healthy father/son relationship because it is lacking way too much on screen and in life. Check out more Little Caesars Pizza commercials below:

After watching the commercial with my family, it sure made us want to pick up some Little Caesars Pizza ourselves for dinner. It makes a much more affordable dinner option than most pizza restaurants. Our family easily eats 2 pizzas so at $5 for each Hot-N-Ready pepperoni Little Caesars Pizza, that makes an economical last minute meal that won’t break the bank. I also like the option of adding an order of Hot-N-Ready Caesar Wings as hot wings have been one of my biggest pregnancy cravings this time around. Mmm, now my mouth is watering just thinking of how tasty Little Caesars Pizza would be on the dinner menu tonight!

*This post is sponsored by Little Caesars.

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