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Samsung Easy In Easy Out Refrigerator Blessings Abound Mommy

I will have to say, that when I watched this video by Samsung (posted below), I couldn’t stop laughing!  My kids watched the video with me and couldn’t contain their laughter either.  Who wouldn’t find these cute, thieving monkeys comical to watch?!  And just what are these monkeys thieving?  Food from a Samsung refrigerator that proves their new refrigerator’s motto of “Easy in, Easy out!”

Samsung has always been known for their cutting edge technology and products and their new refrigerator is no exception.  Samsung’s new refrigerator has awesome features like maximum organization with no dead space, delivering optimal freshness and unmatched convenience, and superior digital inverter technology improves energy efficiency.  How could one go wrong with an easy slide shelf that effortlessly slides out to enable more efficient organization and easy storing and removal of groceries, while reducing dead space deep inside?  To me, that’s one of the most impressive features they have.  I know I can personally see that being useful in my own kitchen!

Features like the CoolSelect zone and MoistureFresh zone help keep food at their optimal temperature and control humidity so that they can be kept fresher, longer.  In addition to that, the Samsung’s new refrigerator’s NoFrost technology will help to prevent ice from building up inside the freezer and that will cause water drop formation in the refrigerator’s interior that causes stains that are hard to clean.

Let’s not forget about the bottom mounted freezer that has Samsung’s superior digital inverter compressor which improves energy efficiency and cooling performance by automatically adjusting across five speeds of RPM in response to cooling demands.  How many of us parents have had to get onto our own children for constantly opening and shutting the refrigerator or freezer door (and possibly forgetting to close it all the way), which leads to thawing or our food getting warm?  This feature helps to keep the temperature regulated at all times for savings in energy costs!

Samsung Easy In Easy Out Refrigerator 2 Blessings Abound Mommy

It’s easy to see why the new Samsung refrigerator is the monkeys’ refrigerator of choice.  They prove just how easy it is to get in and out of it, stealing all the food from the refrigerator before the owner has a chance to make it back home.  It really is a funny video to watch and it shows all the cool and practical features that makes this Samsung refrigerator stand out compared to other refrigerators.  Check out the new Samsung refrigerator yourself and learn more about its features through the Samsung newsroom, website, and YouTube channel!

*This post has been sponsored by Samsung, but all thoughts are our own.

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    Nice! This post is really great.

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    So cute! And the refrigerator does look very convenient.

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    courtney b says:

    LOL cute video- we need a new fridge badly!

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