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These days, there are too many people relying on OTC drugs and prescriptions for their health.  What a lot of them don’t realize is that those types of medicines mimic what essential oils naturally do and alter your body instead of restoring your body back to health.  With the synthetic compounds that make up OTC and pharmaceutical drugs, it’s no wonder that there are many harmful side effects accompanied by use of these drugs and that it’s the 4th leading cause of deaths in America (over 250,000 Americans die each year from pharmaceuticals). 

Yes, that number is shocking and outstanding!  The worst part is, a number of those deaths can be fully prevented by switching to essential oils for healing.  That is not even including the damage of those who get addicted to using these harmful medicines or who are living with the pains and misery of the adverse effects these medicines have on your liver and body systems.  This is why we’ve chosen to make essential oils an important part of our family’s medical care!

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With essential oils, my family has saved a ton of money from not having to take trips to the ER or doctor.  By treating our own family with essential oils, we haven’t had to pay for costly prescriptions or antibiotics either.  If you’ve ever researched what antibiotics do to your body, you would think twice about putting it in your body.  Not only does it make your body that much more resistant to antibiotics with every use, but it also compromises your immune system and let the bad bacteria flourish in your body, which makes it more susceptible to disease and yeast infections.  Truly, it’s some yucky stuff!

Now, I will say modern medicine and practices have its place.  I’m certainly thankful for the advancements of medicines and I wouldn’t say essential oils are a cure all.  But from what I’ve experienced on my own with my family and hearing the testimonials of my friends and others, most of the time, there’s no need to resort to OTC or pharmaceutical drugs.  It’s really been a positive change ever since we untapped the power of essential oils in our household.

Some of the ailments our family has been able to treat on our own are bladder infection, warts, pink eye, sinus infections, cold sores, and much more.  We’ve also seen how we’ve been able to prevent colds and flus in our home when it’s prevalent in our community.  If our children happen to come down with either the common cold or influenza, we’ve been in awe about how using a combination of essential oils with an essential oil diffuser has given them greater comfort and shortened the duration of both illnesses!

My mom who has been a diabetic for years has been able to get her blood sugar stabilized with whole food vitamins that include essential oils in them and a metabolic essential oil blend called Slim & Sassy.  Even on her diabetes medication, her blood sugars were constantly up and down.  Since she has taken the vitamins and essential oils, she has quit her diabetes medication and they continue to be stable.  As an added benefit, she’s losing weight more easily than ever before too. 

I also have a dear friend that has battled with daily headaches and recurring migraines that even prescription drugs couldn’t touch.  When I gave her samples of peppermint essential oil and a stress/tension/migraine blend essential oil, called PastTense, they relieved her headaches and migraines better than anything she’s ever tried before.  She no longer gets headaches every single day and is a true believer in essential oils now.  These are really only a few examples of the amazing healing abilities of essential oils!

How effective are essentials oils? 

Bacteria is normally found outside a cell membrane whereas viruses are found tucked inside a cell membrane.  Essential oils have the ability to kill viruses and bacteria by being able to penetrate the cell membranes to attack those hard to get at viruses and bacteria.  Pharmaceutical antibiotics, however, are unable to get past the cell membrane to fight viruses.  When the doctors tell you that you have a virus and there’s nothing you can do for it, the good news is that with essential oils, you can get the relief you need.  What’s fascinating too is that they work quickly and it takes only 1 drop of essential oil to service every cell of your body!

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What makes doTERRA essential oils superior and why are they my preferred brand of essential oils? 

They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, which makes them beyond organic and are verified pure, free of pesticides and foreign contaminants.  All doTERRA essential oils are made from plant material that is sourced from native origins where growers are selected, trained, and monitored on harvest practices.  Each liter of doTERRA essential oil undergoes multiple 3rd party testing to certify purity and potency.  The purity of their oils guarantee no negative side effects or drug interactions. 

A little bit of doTERRA essential oils goes a long way too!  They’re 50-70 times more powerful than herbs and one drop is all you need to treat most ailments.  To give you an idea of how potent they are, 1 drop of peppermint essential oil gives you the same benefit as if you were to drink 28 cups of peppermint tea.  Since you only need a small amount of essential oil to treat most ailments, they make an affordable and effective alternative to synthetic drugs. 

You can be well assured that they are safe for the whole family too!  Even a baby fresh from the womb can have doTERRA essential oils applied on them safely and beneficially.  In my next article, I’ll delve into the three ways you can use doTERRA essential oils for healing:  aromtically, internally, and topically.  I hope you’ll stay tuned to my essential oils series to learn more about how to use them and how they can help  help restore your body back to health.  Your family deserves to have a pure alternative to OTC and pharmaceutical drugs!

*I am a doTERRA IPC.  My consultant # is 215885. My retail store can be found at

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    Karen Glatt says:

    I like the thought of using Essential Oils for my health. There are a few oils here that I could really benefit from and I would like to check into it. I wondered about these oils and how they work, You sure explained how these oils can help instead of taking over the counter medication that does not work.

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    Using essential oils for dealing with some health issues is really great. I use some essential oils for my skin and to deal with acne and I have to tell the effect is amazing and immediate. Moreover that the oils doesn’t cost you a lot.

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    There was a time I was so in to this. I don’t know why I stopped, but your post reminds me of all the good things about it.

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    Great info! I didn’t know about the oils and would like to try them

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    I love the calming effect that lavender gives.

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    Sarah L says:

    I like all my EOs. Room spray, massage, so many uses.

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