Christmas Treats And Stocking Stuffers With Nestle Candy

Nestle Christmas Candy Blessings Abound Mommy

Part of the Christmas season fun for our family includes all the Christmas baking we’ll be doing throughout the month of December.  Nestle sent us a box of Christmas candies that included Nestle Crunch Jingles, Butterfinger Jingles, new SweeTARTS Merry Mix,
Interactive Fun Books from Butterfinger, Lik-m-Aid Fun Dip, and NERDS
Colorful SweeTARTS, SPREE, Gobstopper Candy Canes, and Frosty NERDS that are perfect as stocking stuffers and ingredients to make tasty Christmas treats.  Our family couldn’t wait to try out Nestlé’s Christmas recipes using their Christmas candies!

Nestle Mrs. Claus' Favorite Oatmeal Cookies Blessings Abound Mommy

The first Nestle Christmas treat I made were Mrs. Claus Favorite Oatmeal Cookies!  These oatmeal cookies are chocked full of oats, cranberries, walnuts, and chopped up Nestle Crunch Jingles for added fun and yum.  I brought these to church and although I accidentally overcooked one dozen of them, they were heartily eaten and I didn’t hardly get a chance to sample them as they disappeared too quickly.  They were a tasty Christmas rendition of a oatmeal cookie that’s fit for the holidays!

Nestle Cakey Chocolate Jingle Bars Blessings Abound Mommy

The Nestle Cakey Chocolate Jingle Bars were a clowd pleaser for sure!  They’re like rich, delicious brownies made with Nestle Butterfinger Jingles.  I had brought this along to a Gingerbread House making party and the hostess requested that I leave some behind for her and that they were her weakness!  The rest that I brought home were devoured instantly by my little ones so this batch didn’t even last one full day.

These are only a couple Christmas treat ideas you can whip up for your next Christmas party or gathering!  Nestle has many more Christmas treat recipes and ideas that will please both young and old.  Just look at the pictures of the Nestle Christmas treats below for a few more creations from the Nestle Kitchens and be sure to browse their selection of Christmas Recipes to find the right recipe for your next event!

Nestle Christmas Treats Recipes Blessings Abound Mommy

*I received product samples for sharing Nestle Christmas Candies and Treats.  All experiences and opinions are 100% my own.

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    I love the Christmas cookie recipes I found on the Nestle website. My favorite is the Santa Thumbprint cookies that uses the Nestle Butterfinger Jingles. My friends bakes me cookies every year as a gift. She uses only the best and natural ingredients so she always adds Nestle chocolate pieces on top of my favorite peanut butter cookies. I do not eat sweets often but I do indulge on her Christmas cookies. Now, I have another recipe to pass on to her.

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    I have gone during your blog post Christmas Treats And Stocking Stuffers With Nestle Candy , it was actually very informative. I absolutely share your views to my close friends keeps up the good work going,

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    Looks delicious! I love Nestle products!

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