Dialect Vlog From Alaska Part 2!

Here I am with another installment of Dialect Vlog shooting straight from Alaska!  I had so much fun last time hearing how you all say certain things in your part of the country that I decided to join in again.  We’d love to see you get your webcams or video cameras out and take part in all the dialect fun!  You can find this version’s dialect vlog hop’s words, questions, and fill in the blank below.

The Words:

why,  outside,  chic,  boutique,  February,   right of way,  Porsche,  behind,  tomorrow,  bye,  organization

The Questions:

  1. Pin & Pen – do you same them the same or different?
  2. What do you call a place you go that serves mainly alcoholic beverages?
  3. What is the grey tape that can fix any broken object?
  4. What do you call someone that isn’t “cool”?
  5. A phrase your grandparents always said?
  6. What do you call a girl that acts silly and unintelligent?

Fill in the Blank:

  • Slow as  ______
  • Quick as _________
  • Happy as a ________

My Alaskan Dialect Vlog for today:

If you missed it last time, you can check out my first dialect vlog too.  If you join us, leave your links below so I don’t miss your dialect vlog! :)

A Vlog Hop where we get together and say a set list of words, phrases, questions and answers, and fill in the blank from our part of the country and state.

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