Monday Mingle February 7, 2011

It’s Monday Mingle time!!!

Good Monday morning everyone!  It’s another fun day of mingling going on with Eighty MPH Mom!  Grab that video camera and join us answering 3 questions about ourselves every week.  If you’re shy or not up to vlogging, you can now join in with a blog post and we’d love to get to know you! :)  Here are the questions for today’s Monday Mingle:

  1. Which decade do you think would have been most fun?
  2. On what TV show would you like to have a guest starring role?
  3. What’s the strangest/weirdest thing you’ve ever done?

Check out my vlog to hear my answers:

Well, that’s all folks for this version of Monday Mingle! I hope to catch up with the rest of you and that you’re having a splendid Monday morning!

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